Letter in Protest of the Further Murders by the Turks

Argyros George Argyrou


13th October 1996

The Rt Hon Michael Morris MP (Northampton South) & Deputy Speaker

Dear Mr Morris,

In addition to my previous letters of 12th August and 16th August that I hope you have now read, I am compelled to write to you yet again because of more tragic developments in Cyprus.

Today, Sunday 13th October 1996 the illegal Turkish Occupation Forces murdered yet another Greek Cypriot, Petros Kakoulli, aged 50, a refugee from the Turkish-occupied village of Lefkoniko. His only crime was to have been collecting Snails in the field view of the Barbarians that murdered him.

I demand that you personally condemn in writing this unprovoked murder.

This now makes four Greek Cypriots who have been brutally murdered by the Turks (mainly by the Turkish Occupation Forces, Illegal Turkish Settlers and the "Grey Wolves" Terrorist Organisation) this year.

They include Stelios Panagi Kalli, 19, a refugee from the Turkish-occupied village of Kythrea, who was murdered by the Turkish Forces on 3rd June 1996. This murder was condemned in UN Security-Council Resolution 1062 (1996). Also murdered was Anastasios (Tasos) Isaac who was murdered on 11th August by Turkish Occupation Forces and members of the "Grey Wolves" Terrorist Organisation, who were brought in from Turkey by (TMT) Terrorist Leader Rauf Denktash and funded by Turkish foreign secretary Tansu Ciller, and led by Mehmet Aslan, President of the ''Grey Wolves'' branch in occupied Cyprus who was one of Isaacs murderes. Three days later on 14th August Solomos Spyrou Solomou, was murdered by members of the Illegal Denktash occupation regime including Kenan Akin, from Turkey, the so-called minister of agriculture, forests and energy and Erdal Emanet, from Turkey, the commander of the regime's special forces. These murders were condemned in the European Parliament Resolutions of 19/09/1996. Indisputable Video and Photographic exists proving the identity of the murderers of Isaac and Solomou.

On top to these murders on 7th July Turkish Cypriot journalist Kutlu Adali's was assassinated by the "Turkish Revenge Brigade (TIT)", an underground terrorist organisation of Turkey's right-wing fascist "Grey Wolves" group, only days after it was announced that he was to be a witness for the Republic of Cyprus at the European Commission of Human-Rights. Also in the late-night/early-morning of 7-8 September a Turkish-Kurd forced to serve with the illegal occupation forces was assassinated by shots fired from within the occupied territory, as shown by a British Sovereign Bases report.

It is now more than blatantly obvious that it is Turkey that is solely to blame for these murders because of its illegal occupation of Cyprus and by its backing of the illegal Denktash regime which consists of murderers terrorists and criminals.

I demand that you personally Condemn Turkey for its actions, and the actions of its Troops and Citizens in these murders, and take action against Turkey to show that it will no longer be tolerated.

I ask that you personally answer my following questions in full:

  1. What action will you take to punish Turkey for its 22 year long Illegal Occupation of Cyprus.
  2. What action will you take to force Turkey to comply with the UN and European Parliament resolutions calling for the withdrawal of its troops from Cyprus and the return of the Refugees to their homes.
  3. What action will you take to ensure that the named suspects for murders Tasos Isaak and Solomos Solomou are brought to justice together with all of those involved in the murders, and that the Turkish troops responsible for the murders of Petros Kakoulli and Stelios Panagi Kalli are found and put on trial.
  4. What action will you take against the illegal Denktash retime in view its involvement in the murders of the Greek Cypriots, ie regarding Kenan Akin who was made a minister by Denktash, after shooting Solomos Solomou.
  5. What action will you take to prevent Turkish war planes, war ships and troops from illegally flying over or entering Cyprus.
  6. What action will you take to put into effect the European Parliament Resolutions of 19/09/1996 and make sure that Turkey complies fully with the conditions of its Customs Union before receiving anymore MEDA funding.
  7. What action will you take to make Turkey publicly condemn and effectively out-law the "Grey Wolves" Terrorist Organisation, its sponsors and supporters.

I ask you also to commit yourself in writing to the immediate and effective implementation of all United Nations and European Union resolutions concerning Cyprus, and to take substantive action against Turkey if it does not immediately comply with these resolutions in full.

TURKEY MUST NOW BE PUNISHED. This is the time for deeds not words. Talking to Turkey achieves nothing but more deaths.

Yours Sincerely,

Argyros George Argyrou BSc ARCS

cc. The Rt Hon John Major MP The Prime Minister

The Rt Hon Malcolm Rifkind MP The Foreign Secretary

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