Protest at Turkeys continuing Murders

16th August 1996

The Rt Hon John Major The Prime Minister

Dear Mr Major,

In addition to my letter of 12th August that I hope you have received, I am compelled to write to you again because of New Developments in Cyprus.

On 14th August 1996 the illegal Turkish Occupation Forces Murdered yet another Greek Cypriot, Solomos Spyrou Solomou, aged 26, while he was climbing a flag pole in the Buffer Zone. The autopsy confirms that he was killed by five shots to the Head, Heart Lungs and Legs. Two British UN Peacekepers were also hit and wounded by shots fired by the Turks. The UN Secretary-General's Resident Representative to Cyprus, Gustave Feissel has said UNFICYP was trying to take back Solomos Spyrou Solomou when "for no reason whatsoever" the shooting began. He describes the action taken by the Turks as "totally disproportionate".

A United Nations report on the incidents on Sunday 11th August confirms "A Greek Cypriot demonstrator, Anastasios Isaac, was beaten to death by a number of Turkish Cypriot demonstrators, including three Turkish Cypriot policemen,". The report also confirms "Grey Wolves" Terrorists participated in the protest, and it also establishes that Turkish-Cypriot "police shot at Greek Cypriot demonstrators from behind the Turkish Forces."

Both these Murders were Televised Live as they happened.

I ask you once again to publicly condemn these cold blooded Murders, if you have not done so already.

I must also ask you to Condemn Turkey for allowing Terrorists onto the island, as proven by the United Nations. Failure to condemn Turkey will show British hypocrisy in the light of the statements made by the Government concerning its fight against Terrorism.

It is now blatantly obvious that it is Turkish Expansionism that prevents the Cyprus problem from being solved.

Action MUST now be taken against Turkey to show that its illegal occupation of Cyprus will no-longer be tolerated. This is the only way that the Cyprus Problem can be solved, since Turkey has remained intransigent for over 22 years, and will continue to remain intransigent if no action is taken. Turkey must no-longer be appeased.

I therefore must ask you to instigate an immediate Parliamentary Debate, when Parliament re-convenes, on the issue of the killings and Turkeys continued illegal occupation of Cyprus.

I wish you to submit or facilitate the submission of a parliamentary motion on my behalf, whereby:

"The Parliament of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island,

  1. Condemns The Turkish-Cypriot and Turkish occupation forces for their barbaric actions in the Murder of Two Unarmed Greek Cypriot protesters, the wounding of Two Unarmed British UN peacekeepers and the firing of live ammunition at unarmed civilians and the UN;
  2. Condemns Turkey for knowingly allowing members of the "Grey Wolves" to illegally enter Cyprus;
  3. Condemns Turkeys invasion and continued illegal occupation of Cyprus in contravention of the Charter of the United Nations and the Resolutions calling for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the island;
  4. Calls for Turkeys immediate and full Compliance with all UN resolutions concerning Cyprus, including UN General Assembly Resolutions 3212 (XXIX) (1974) & 37/253 (1983), and UN Security Council Resolutions 365 (1974), 367 (1975) & 789 (1992);
  5. Urges Turkey to comply fully with this motion and all UN Resolutions, within a deadline period of 8 weeks from the date of this motion;
  6. Will impose and enforce specified Economic and Military sanctions against Turkey immediately the deadline is reached, if Parliament does not observe Turkeys total compliance.
  7. Specifies the sanctions will include,
    1. The suspension of the EU-Turkey customs union and all talks concerning Turkeys accession to the EU;
    2. A ban on all Trade with Turkey;
    3. A ban on all arms procurements and military cooperation with Turkey."

Please also convey the text of this letter to the UN Security Council.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your help which will bring a solution the Cyprus problem a step closer.

Yours Sincerely,

Argyros George Argyrou BSc ARCS

cc. The Rt Hon Michael Morris (Northampton South) Deputy Speaker

Now the Reply addressed to Michael Morris, form Foreign Office Minister Baroness Lynda Chalker.

The Rt Hon Michael Morris MP

House of Commons

London SW1A 0AA.

24th August 1996

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your letter of 16 August enclosing one from your constituent Mr A G Argyrou of ******************* Northampton ******, about Cyprus, I am replying as duty Minister.

Your constituent's outrage is fully understandable. We are deeply concerned at the clashes in the UN Buffer Zone. We deplore the acts of violence and have unreservedly condemned the killing of these young men. We have made it clear both in Ankara and to Mr Denktash that the reaction of the Turkish Cypriot authorities to the unauthorised presence of demonstrators in the UN Buffer Zone was out of all proportion to the provocation. We have urged that those responsible for the killings should be brought to justice. The Cypriot Government are also aware of our concerns about the failure to prevent demonstrators from breaching the integrity of the buffer zone as stipulated in UN Security Council Resolutions.

These horrific events demonstrate the fragility of the status quo and that we must continue to work for a just and lasting settlement. This will only come about through direct negotiations between the leaders of both communities. We, and the international community, are working actively to achieve this. It is imperative that both communities respect the buffer zone and refrain from further violence and provocation if real progress is to be made.




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