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The following are links to the original text of the resolutions and agreements passed by the United Nations and the European Union in view to solving the Cyprus Problem.


Most if not all have either been ignored or violated by Turkey

Annans Plan leaves Cyprus at the Mercy of Turkey (campaign of protest)


Say NO to the Annan Plan which violates the United Nations Charter, the Resolutions United Nations Security Council and General Assembly, the European Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights

UN Security Council Resolutions 1974-1998 Self Extracting MS Word file 70K


UN Security Council Resolutions 1964-1974, 1974-1995 & General Assembly Resolutions 1964-1995. MS Word ZIP file 70K.


UN Security Council Resolutions Dec. 1995-date. MS Word ZIP file 16K


Additional UN Documents. MS Word ZIP file 16K

UN Resolution 3212 (XXIX) (1974)

Adopted unanimously by the General Assembly.

"Calls upon all states to respect the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and non-alignment of the Republic of Cyprus and to refrain from all acts and interventions directed against it;"


UN Resolution 365 (1974)

Unanimously endorses the previous resolution.

Help Find a Solution to the Cyprus Problem over the Internet.


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Write to your Elected Representatives and ask for Action.




UN Resolution 367 (1975)

"Regrets the unilateral decision on 13 February 1975, declaring that part of the Republic of Cyprus would become a "Federated Turkish State", as, inter alia,"


The Makarios-Denktash High-Level Agreement (1977) and The 10-Point Agreement (1979)

"..the fundamental basis of a bi-communal federal system.."


UN Resolution 37/253 (1983)

"Demands the immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces from the Republic of Cyprus;"



UN Resolution 541 (1983)

"Deplores the declaration of the Turkish Cypriot authorities of the purported secession of part of the Republic of Cyprus:"


UN Resolution 550 (1984)

"Reaffirms the call upon all States not to recognise the purported state of the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" set up by secessionist acts and calls upon them not to facilitate or in any way assist this the aforesaid secessionist entity;"


UN Resolution 1987/19 (1987)

"Demands the full restoration of all human rights to the whole population of Cyprus, including the freedom of movement, the freedom of settlement and the right to property... Expresses its concern also at the policy and practice of the implantation of settlers in the occupied territories of Cyprus which constitute a form of colonialism and attempt to change illegally the demographic structure of Cyprus..."


UN Resolution 649 (1990)

"Calls upon the leaders of the two communities to pursue their efforts to reach freely a mutually acceptable solution.."


European Parliament Resolution (1991)

"..regards it as part of its duties to resolve any crises that affect Community and allied countries, including the Cyprus crisis.."


UN Resolution 789 (1992)

"..the confidence-building measures.."


UN Resolution 939 (1994)

"..a single sovereignty…two politically equal communities …in a bi-communal and bi-zonal federation.."


European Parliament Resolution (19/9/1996)

"deeply shocked by the killings that took place in August during a peaceful demonstration for the reunification of the island, where two Greek Cypriots were killed and several wounded, including two UN peacekeepers, by the security forces of the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus,"


European Parliament Resolution (24/10/1996)

"shocked by the latest cold-blooded murder in Cyprus of yet another Greek Cypriot, Petros Kakoulis, in Cyprus by the Turkish occupation army,"


European Parliament Resolution (17/9/1997)

"..appalled at all statements by Rauf Denktash, leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, that there will be war in Cyprus if its application to join the EU is successful,.."


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