Letter in Protest of Barbaric Murders committed by Turkey

12th August 1996

The Rt. Hon Malcolm Rifkind QC MP

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Re: Reply from Malcolm Rifkind to Michael Morris MP (25/6/96) concerning my earlier letter, and the Murder of Greek Cypriots in the Buffer Zone.

Dear Mr Rifkind,

I am writing to you in response to the Barbaric Atrocities perpetrated by the Turkish Occupation Forces and Turkish Terrorists, which resulted in the Televised Murder of a Greek Cypriot protester, newly-wed Tasos Isaac, aged 24, from Paralimni, with an expectant wife, while the United Nations watched on unwilling to take action to prevent the loss of life.

From the Television coverage shown world wide, Turkish Forces were shown beating Greek Cypriots trapped in barbed wire, while the UN stood watching the murderous acts. It is obvious that the UN is either Unable or Unwilling to guarantee the safety of Cypriots of both communities on the island. This comes on-top of the Turkish Murder on 3rd June of Stelios Panagi Kalli, 19, a refugee from the Turkish-occupied village of Kythrea, the UN again watched on doing nothing to help. The same situation occurred in Bosnia while the UN watched on as the Sebranica massacre was perpetrated.

I ask again as in my previous letter of 4th June 1996 what action will the British Government take to guarantee the safety of Greek Cypriots and British Citizens who wish to cross over into north Cyprus as it their right, and will you Condemn Turkey for the Murders of the Greek Cypriots by Turkish troops, the Turkish authorities refusal to allow the European Bikers to cross over at the Ledra Palace check point (which would have prevented the troubles) and Turkeys refusal to allow any Greek Cypriot to travel freely in their own country. Will you also take action to ensure that the murderers are brought to justice.

It has also come to my attention that the Turkish troops were ordered to kill the Bikers, and that members of the Turkish terrorist organisation the ''Gray Wolves" were brought onto the island at the request of Turkish Cypriot terrorist leader Rauf Denktash (in his interview on Cyprus, Sigma TV, 1900 GMT 1st March 1996 he admitted to the mass genocide of the over 1600 missing persons) and instigated by the Government of Turkey. It was this information and appeals by the UN Secretary-General that caused President Clerides of Cyprus to call off the peaceful Berlin to Kyrenia Free Movement Motorcycle Rally, even though the UN charter guarantees freedom of movement, thus compromising the UN.

Why has the UN force been allowed to dwindle and should you not consider replacing UNFICYP (which was unable to stop the Turkish invasion of 1974) with a European Union or NATO force with the right to use all available means to safeguard the communities and guarantee freedom of movement across the whole island. Turkey should not have the right to object to this since UN Resolution 3212 (XXIX) (1974): Urges the speedy withdrawal of all foreign armed forces and foreign military presence and personnel from the Republic of Cyprus and the cessation of all foreign interference in its affairs.

In view of resolution 3212 (XXIX) (1974):

Will you condemn Turkeys interference by threatening the protesters and ordering the Turkish Forces to kill the protesters and allowing the "Grey Wolves" to enter north Cyprus and stir up trouble in the Turkish Cypriot community.

Also will you condemn Turkeys settlement of north Cyprus with settlers from Turkey who are not Cypriots.

The over 80,000 Turkish settlers brought in by Turkey and the 30,000 Turkish troops form no part of the Cypriot community and they now outnumber the Turkish Cypriots on the island. Turkey had no right under the UN charter (or the 1960 constitution, which is overridden by the UN charter) to intervene militarily in Cyprus and the problem in Cyprus is and always has been a problem with interference by an aggressor, Turkey.

All negotiations for a solution should be between the Governments of Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey since those are the only governments recognised by the UN and the Cyprus Constitution. The Representative of the Turkish Cypriots should only be allowed to take part if he has been elected in free democratic elections (monitored by the UN or EU) among the Turkish Cypriot Community alone, with no electoral rights given to the Turkish settlers and no Turkish interference. At present the terrorist leader Rauf Denktash is maintained in power by interference from Turkey and the Turkish settlers. Furthermore the terrorist Rauf Denktash should be arrested immediately when he leaves occupied Cyprus and tried for the war crimes proven by the European Commission of Human Rights reports I, II, III, and the future report IV.

I disagree with the statements you made in your reply to Michael Morris MP (25th June 1996), where you said the problem in Cyprus is intercommunal. It is not an intercommunal dispute since both Greek and Turkish Cypriots get along with each other in the United Kingdom, in contrast to the problems in Northern Ireland, there are no Greek or Turkish terrorist bombings in the UK. This proves that both communities can live together. The only reason why both communities could not live together in Cyprus is because of Interference by Turkey which since Cyprus' Independence has bombed both communities from the air, and has armed Terrorists from the Turkish mainland to enter Cyprus and stir up trouble. The Turks forced most of the Turkish Cypriots to leave their villages and invade North Nicosia in the 1960's bringing about the creation of UFICYP. Britain knew this was happening and yet did nothing to stop the Turkish air-raids and state sponsored terrorism. The problem in Cyprus is that of an external terrorist aggressor, Turkey.

In view of the recent statements made by Western Leaders concerning terrorism, what action will Britain take to stop Turkey from sponsoring State Terrorism internationally and against its own people.

Furthermore it is obvious from Turkeys actions in violating the No-Fly Zone in Northern Iraq and massacring the innocent Kurdish Civilians that the Zone was set-up to protect, and from Turkeys illegal claims of Greek islands including Imia (which nearly resulted in World War III) and Gavdos in the Aegean and now its claim on all Aegean islands within 6 miles of Turkeys coast, and Turkeys threat of war if Greece extends its Territorial Waters to the 12 mile limit allowed by international law, Turkey is a Terrorist State.

What action will be taken by you to prevent Turkey from attacking or threatening its neighbours.

Why is the British Government allowing Turkey to receive Military Aid from other countries (including the USA) when this aid is being used for aggression and for supporting its over 30,000 illegal troops in northern Cyprus. What action will you take to stop all military aid to Turkey.

Furthermore in view of Turkeys claims on the territory of an other NATO member (Greece) does this not justify Turkeys immediate Expulsion from NATO. Justify why Turkey should remain a member when the Soviet Threat no-longer exists and it now has a Muslim Fundamentalist Government.

Furthermore it has also come to my attention that the Muslim Fundamentalist Government in Turkey is planning to convert the Church of Saint (Agia) Sofia in Constantinople into a Mosque. This Church was built by the first Christian Emperor Constantine(*) in Honor of his Mother who brought Christianity to the Roman Empire. It is sacrilege to use it for any other purpose, and it should be brought under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch. What action will you take to ensure this.

UN General Assembly Resolution 37/253 (1983) states the General Assembly:

6. Demands the immediate and effective implementation of resolution 3212 (XXIX), unanimously adopted by the General Assembly and endorsed by the Security Council in its resolution 365 (1974) of 13 December 1974, and of the subsequent resolutions of the Assembly and the Council of Cyprus which provide the valid and essential basis for the solution of the problem of Cyprus;

7. Considers the withdrawal of all occupation forces from the Republic of Cyprus as an essential basis for a speedy and mutually acceptable solution of the Cyprus problem;

8. Demands the immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces from the Republic of Cyprus;

What is the British Government going to do to get this Resolution and all UN Resolutions implemented immediately.

The only course forward is to apply sustained and meaningful pressure on Turkey.

For far too long the West has appeased Turkey and gained nothing in return. The west has allowed Turkey to, commit mass genocide, acts of aggression, state assignations including that of the Turkish Cypriot journalist Kutlu Adal columnist with "Yeni Duzen", sponsor state terrorist organisations (the "Gray Wolves"), ban political parties that it does not agree with, imprison elected MP's, kidnap foreign nationals and illegally imprison them (Athanasios Tsiklikas, and Demetris Botsis, 35, both living in France who were abducted on 1st August off the coast of Cyprus), and violate the rights of free movement and free speech of its own people.

Turkey cannot hope to become part of the Civilised World with the barbaric actions it has perpetrated.

My suggestions for the action Britain should take, unilaterally if necessary are as follows. I would like your opinion on these and the reasons why they have not yet been implemented:

Please reply as soon as possible

Yours Sincerely,

Argyros George Argyrou BSc. ARCS.

cc. Rt Hon Michael Morris MP for Northampton South.

Rt Hon John Major The Prime Minister

Rt Hon Robin Cook Labour Foreign Affairs

Rt Hon Menzies Campbell Lib. Dem. Foreign Affairs

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(* Correction:The Present Agia Sofia was actually built by Justinian )