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To fully understand the Cyprus Problem you need to go back to before the Turkish Invasion occurred.

In the period of British rule the British began to change the demographic character of Cyprus, which was then exclusively Greek, by bringing in Turkish workers to work for the British administration. Turks were appointed as police officers thus creating tension and insecurity among the Cypriots. Britain's tactic was to create as much ethnic tension as possible between the Cypriot Christians and the Cypriot & Turkish Muslims in order to destabilize Cyprus so that the people could not oppose British rule. Britain furthered its aims by allowing Turkey to interfere more and more in the affairs of Cyprus.

The very same tactics were used hundreds of years earlier in Ireland when the British shipped in Protestants from Scotland to settle the newly captured island, thus manufacturing a claim for Britain over its neighbour. When an Irish referendum resulted in an overwhelming vote for independence the British annexed Irelands northern counties. The descendants of the British settlers became the present Unionist Community of Northern Ireland.

Britain's racist tactics failed to stop rebellion in Cyprus, and the EOKA struggle for independence started in 1955. The aim was to free Cyprus from British rule and to create an independent Cyprus free of foreign interference. Many freedom fighters were hung before Britain finally consented to give Cyprus its independence, but strings were attached.

Cyprus was blackmailed by Britain into accepting an illegal constitution which was written by Britain, Greece and Turkey without any consultation of the Cypriot people, thus violating Article 1 of the United Nations Charter. The constitution included a Treaty of Guarantee which gave the three guarantor powers Britain Greece and Turkey the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Cyprus which put the constitution in violation of Article 2 paragraph 4 of the UN Charter.

Under this now discredited and racist constitution it was deemed that those who were Muslim in faith were to be considered as Turkish Cypriots and the rest of the population mostly Christian, were to be known as Greek Cypriots. This ignored the fact that the most of the Cypriot Muslims were actually people of Greek decent who converted to Islam.

After Cyprus became independent on 16th Oct 1960, Turkey started a campaign of interference and terrorism in Cyprus.

Turkey orchestrated Turkish Cypriot non-cooperation in the government of Cyprus since under the constitution the then 18% minority Turkish Cypriots were given the right to veto virtually every important decision that could be made by the then 82% Greek Cypriot majority. Turkish interference made it impossible for the government to set a budget and run the country so President Makarios suggested 13 amendments to the constitution. Makarios' amendments could have easily been incorporated into any normal constitution, but Turkey insisted on its right of veto, technically a violation Article 2 of the UN Charter.

When the Cyprus Government adopted emergency powers to keep the country running in the face of Turkish interference, what resulted was the Turkish bombing of Cyprus. The outside world did nothing to stop the murders of innocent civilians, perpetrated with weapons which they had sold to Turkey. With Turkish backing Turkish Cypriot Terrorists (TMT) under the leadership of Rauf Denktash took control of north Nicosia,

In 1964 the UN set-up UNFICYP, to maintain the new division of Nicosia, but this did not stop more Turkish bombings. (see UN Resolution 186 (1964))

Turkeys ultimate aim was to capture the whole of Cyprus and make it part of Turkey. In the 50's Turkey had already predetermined the position of the "Atilla Line", demanding 40% of Cyprus territory. Turkey began to amass an invasion force and make invasion plans while it waited for an excuse act.

The excuse came on 15 July 1974 when a Coup de tat organized by the Greek Junta and backed by the American CIA, deposed President Makarios. The coup collapsed 8 days later, but by then it was too late.

On July 20 1974 Turkey invaded a defenceless Cyprus. It was obvious to any military strategist from the scale of the invasion that it was planned months and most likely years in advance. Is a series of pre planned manoeuvres violating cease fire after cease fire Turkey captured 38% of Cyprus territory.

Turkey was responsible for Genocide or "Ethnic Cleansing" on a scale unparalleled since Adolf Hitler. Butchery, Mass Rapes and Torture of both young and old took place. Civilians were Napalmed and children were bludgeoned to death by the Turkish Barbarians, while the rest of the world watched on unwilling to take action against an invasion which was deemed illegal by UN resolution upon UN resolution.

On 13 February 1975 Turkey declared North Cyprus a federated Turkish State which was condemned by UN Security Council Resolution 367(1975). In 1983 Turkey formed the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", condemned in UN Security Council Resolution 541(1983)

The invasion resulted in 200,000 Greek Cypriots who were made refugees in their own country. The 12500 Greek-Cypriots who refused to leave their homes in the Karpassia peninsula in 1974 have in 1996 dwindled to less than 600, due to relentless persecution by the Turks in violation of the Third Vienna Agreement which was signed by the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaderships in 1975. UN Security Council Resolution 3212 (XXIX) (1974) "Considers that all the refugees should return to their homes in safety..". None of the displaced persons are allowed to return to their rightful homes by over 30,000 Turkish troops estimated to be illegally stationed in north Cyprus. UN General Assembly resolution 37/253 (1983) states that the General Assembly "demands the immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces from the Republic of Cyprus." Turkey will not comply with this nor any other UN resolution.

Since the invasion nothing has been heard of from 1619 people including children who went missing. Neither Turkey nor the illegal occupation regime has attempted to accretion their whereabouts. In 1996 Turkish Terrorist Leader Rauf Denktash claimed in an interview most of them were killed by Turkish Militias.

On top of the injustices to the Greek Cypriots mentioned above, the Turks forced over 30,000 Turkish Cypriots by threat of death to leave their homes in the south and move into the homes of Greek-Cypriots in the occupied north. Since 1974 the Turkish Cypriots have become a minority in the north with over 80,000 Anatolian Turkish settlers brought in by Turkey to replace the Turkish Cypriots that have been forced to emigrate.

After invading Cyprus in 1974 it has always been Turkeys intention to eventually capture the rest of Cyprus and "Ethnically Cleanse" the entire Cypriot population. This is the reason why there has been no solution to the Cyprus Problem, because Turkey doesn't want one, and America does not give a damn about what Turkey does so long as it lets America keep its air-bases in Turkey.



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