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The Annan Plan - An In-depth Analysis



Olympic Games

Ya Sas and Welcome to the Home Page of Agamemnon High King of Mycenae


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Annans Plan leaves Cyprus at the Mercy of Turkey (campaign of protest)


Say NO to the Annan Plan which violates the United Nations Charter, the Resolutions United Nations Security Council and General Assembly, the European Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights



Cyprus & Hellenic Index

The Cyprus and Hellenic Index provides the latest up-to-date news on the illegal Turkish Occupation of Cyprus. Contained within is every UN Security Council Resolution concerning Cyprus passed since 1964. There are also links to pages concerning Cyprus, Greece and Turkey

Help Find a Solution to the Cyprus Problem over the Internet.


View peoples comments here.


Write to your Elected Representatives and ask for Action.




About Agamemnon

The Family Tree of Agamemnon. Since this is the Agamemnon Home Page, I have researched the family tree of Agamemnon.


Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology. Here I have tried to provide a brief introduction to Greek Mythology.


Greek Dances

Greek Dances. Learn to Dance 12 popular Greek Dances by following the Instructions and Pictures.


Yialousa and Pyrga Cyprus

Yialousa and Pyrga Cyprus is where my parents were born and lived. Since the Turkish invasion of 20 July 1974, my family cannot return to our homes. I have protested this to my Parliamentarians.


Greek Radio for Northampton

Greek Community Radio. Find out about my Greek community radio show on Inspiration FM, Community Radio Station, as well as internet radio and Greek music stores.


Northampton famous for Making Shoes

Greek Northampton. Since I now live in Northampton, this page provides information about the Greek community of the town.


Greek Music

Greek Music. Here you can find a selection of Lyrics to over 100 popular modern Laika Greek Songs and my Kaiti Garbi appreciation page.










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