If you give way, you will instantly have to meet some greater demand, as having been frightened into obedience in the first instance; while a firm refusal will make them clearly understand that they must treat you more as equals. Make your decision therefore at once, either to submit before you are harmed, or if we are to go to war, as I for one think we ought, to do so without caring whether the ostensible cause be great or small, resolved against making concessions or consenting to a precarious tenure of our possessions. For all claims from an equal, urged upon a neighbour as commands before any attempt at legal settlement, be they great or be they small, have only one meaning, and that is slavery.
[Speach of Pericles - Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War, Chapter V]

Legal action planned against Kofi Annan

Cyprus Weekly Dec.13-18, 2002

The All-Cyprus Citizens Movement is to take legal action against UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on the grounds that his plan on Cyprus violates basic articles and provisions of the UN Charter.
University of Paris Political Science professor Costa Zuraris told a press conference this week that the movement had assigned the case to a group of Cypriot and Greek legal experts, aided by constitutional and international relations experts from abroad.

He said the Annan plan violated the UN Charter in that it sanctioned colonisation, sought to establish a legal framework for a system of apartheid, attacked the universally democratic principle of "one man one vote" and cancelled UN Security Council Resolutions calling for the withdrawal of the occupation forces and of the settlers and for the return of all the refugees to their homes.

Zuraris said the exact legal means and procedures for such an action would be decided after consideration of all the options offered by universal human rights law and of the legal system governing the UN Charter.

He reminded that a similar action is pending against former US Foreign Secretary Henry Kissinger, who does not dare travel abroad because 12 countries have issued arrest warrants against him. 

Kyrenia Mayor Constantinos Orolagas, also present at the press conference, said the position of the Citizens Movement is that proper negotiations for the solution of the Cyprus problem should be carried out after Cyprus has joined the EU.


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