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The Greek Selection: Kaiti Garbi Lyrics


All the songs and lyrics published here are copyrighted and belong to the copyright owners. Performing these songs at an unlicensed venue is illegal and the venue owner can be prosecuted and can then sue you. Therefore watch out if you’re into Kareokee in Greek Restaurants.

While I have tried to be as accurate as possible, mistakes and typographical errors may be present. If you spot any can you please inform me.

The Lyrics for the albums "Arhizxo Polemo" and "Evesthisies" are copied form the Album Covers. In the instance of the second verse of "1,000,000 Nyhtes" the lyrics which Kaiti actually sings are "oi nuhtes tora den teleionoun" whereas the Album cover quotes "oi nuhtes tora den pernane".

Since all the other albums do not include the lyrics, I have had to type them out by ear, which is not easy. I therefore cant guarantee their authenticity.


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