Due to unfair Censorship of non-comercial sites by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), I have had to remove all of the low quality Real Audio and MP3 samples from Kaiti’s CD’s from this site and the links to them.

I consider this to be a violation of my right of self expression and freedom of speech and an act running counter to the interests of promoting Greek Music to a wider audience.

The only consequences of this action will be a drop in International sales of Kaiti’s CD’s since people have now been deprived of the chance to listen to the tracks before buying.

Once again the record companies and the organisation representing them have failed to promote the Performers interests and instead have opted for narrow minded short term greed.

If you are interested in buying any CD’s by Kaiti Garbi or any other Greek Singers please follow the links below.





The newsgroups alt.music.greek and alt.binaries.music.greek also still remain active.