Starting Position: Feet together facing front, knees slightly bent.
StepTempo Forward and back to the Right.
1quickStep obliquely forward to the right on the right foot.
2slowSlide the left foot up to and along side so thet the ball of left foot is next to arch of right, keeping weight mostly on right foot.
3quickSlide the left foot forward in-front of right.
4slowStep slightly backwards on right foot, keeping it inline behind left foot.
5slowStep slightly backwards on left foot, keeping it inline behind right foot.
Repeat above steps 1 through 5 adding a sixth step at the end of the sequence, thus transferring weight to the right foot in-order to execute the figure to the left.
6slowStep backwards on right foot next to left foot (starting position).
Forward and back to the Left
Repeat all 11 Steps (5+6) to the Left using opposite footwork. Begin on left foot
Repeet all 22 steps as often as desired.

Synefiasmeni Kyriaki in midi
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